Getting to know…Nylah Langford

Nylah's PhotoName: Nylah Langford

Role: Raynell

Hometown: Aurora, Colorado

What about Fences speaks to you as an artist?
I think Fences is a really great play.  It’s nice to learn about how the 1950s were – times were really different back then.  I am able to feel the emotion of that time period and put that emotion back into acting out each scene.

What’s your biggest challenge when taking on this role?
My biggest challenge with this role would have to be playing a role of a younger girl.

Favorite role (that you’ve played or that you want to play)?
My favorite role that I’ve played would have to be the Director in The Final Dress Rehearsal. A role that I would like to play would be Little Inez in Hairspray.

When you have a five-minute break during rehearsal, what do you spend that time doing? Hanging out with the cast, eating (mostly something sweet), and going over my lines.

Come and see Nylah and the rest of our cast in August Wilson’s Fences, from April 5 – 21, with a preview night on April 4. Click here to buy tickets. 

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