esau pritchett

Getting to know…Esau Pritchett

Esau_PritchettName: Esau Pritchett

Role: Troy Maxson

Home: Saginaw, MI

What about Fences speaks to you as an artist?: Fences speaks to me because it addresses the convention of the fall of the tragic hero,  but in the guise of a more contemporary working class black man in America.

What’s your biggest challenge when taking on this role?: My biggest challenge is being careful not to judge my character Troy – allowing for a greater and more truthful exploration of the character as written by August Wilson and not sanitized through my own contemporary and judgmental filter.

Favorite role (that you’ve played or that you want to play?): My favorite role is always the role I’m currently working on. Therefore, Troy is my favorite role.

When you have a five minute break during rehearsal, what do you spend that time doing?: I drink lots of coffee.

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